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"Best complex I've stayed in. They make the process as easy as possible. Customer Service is superb. This was me and my roomates number one choice during our decision making period."
"two years now living here and I'm so happy. Love the amenities, staff, location and my apartment. I could not be more happy my apartment is new and the way they manage my concerns is absolutely professional."
"All in Alexa Riveredge is awesome the only bad situation I'm dealing with is my neighbor he's always complaint about me walking in my apartment. He is always hitting his roof which is my floor and came to my door knocking like a beast. Out of this I'm really happy here and i could recommend this place."
"excellent staff attention, excellent location, excellent facilities you feel the tranquility of the building. I love this place from the first time I saw it."
"The rent keeps increasing and I cab hear eveytime someone's out in the hallway Besides that, I like the distance to the train and neighboring areas."
"So far this move has been effortless. All the office personnel have been great to work with and easy to talk to. I can't wait to see what the next year brings."
"Everyone has been super friendly and helpful to any needs or concerns I have had. Any maintenance issues I have had are taken care of same day."
"I absolutely love alexan riveredge. The staff is amazing, and the amenities have turned me into a hermit, bc I have no need to leave the building. I’m having such a great time here."
"We just moved in, but so far we have been loving the Alexan Riveredge! The amenities are great, our neighbors are friendly, and the price is right. :)"
"I absolutely love it here. The apartment is beautiful, the staff is amazing and the amenities are top notch! The resident community is very good as well. Everyone is curtious and respectful of one another. I've been here for a few min this and have yet to run into anyone in this building that I would call "rude." This is a great place to live and I plan on being here for a couple of years."
"So far, we have had a great experience. Move in was very easy and we have loved every bit of our apartment, including all the amenities and the view!"
"It’s been amazing so far. I love all the puppies but some times they get a little excited and there is always a pee spot right in front of my elevator. I know they can’t help it though:)"
"I absolutely love Alexan Riveredge. The apartments and wonderful the amenities are amazing. But the thing that makes t the best is the staff! They are always ready to help with any issue and get it resolved in a timely manner! Best apartment I’ve lived in!"
"Elevator by my apartment has been broken more often than not since living here. Grills are dirty. Chairs at pool are dirty. Bad air conditioning flow in each room in apartment."
"Super close to the trinity river park, so definitely a great location. Amenities are great, my only complaint would be the freight elevator never seems to work."
"The leasing office staff is super friendly and the various apartment amenities are very nice. However, the elevators have been breaking down and it's a giant inconvenience because despite having an elevator three doors next to me, I have to walk to the other side of the entire apartment complex to use one that works."
"Lovely staff, great amenities, and so close to downtown Dallas/shopping & eats. The events they hold are not only a great way to meet your fellow residents but also tons of fun :)"
"Love the community and the staff. We had some nice community events that i wish would be brought back. Wish other residents would pick up their trash in the halls and pick up their dog poop!"
"Our experience so far has been interesting. I appreciate how responsive the staff are and enjoy the amenities I have been able to use so far."
"Great apartment in a well secured community. The amenities including the pool, gym, quiet area, sky lounge, and pet areas are great. The equal sizing for 2 bedrooms is great for roommates too."
"the apartment itself was amazing which is why we signed a lease. However the loud neighbors, and the constant fixing stuff has been frustrating. The sky lounge being closed all spring only to open when its 100 degrees out. the banging on the patios at 8 am have been frustrating. let alone the fact that they didn't do a walk through before leasing out the apartment. it was dirty and half of the appliances weren't working."
"Staff is very friendly and informative. Patricia was quick to answer any questions I had along with helpful links to help our move go smoothly."
"Good amenities. Wish they were available more. Good for price. Helpful staff and a great location to be in for the Dallas area. Lot of things to do."
"I have lived at Alexan Riveredge for 2 months now and I’m loving it. I wish there was a little bit more community interaction but everyone I have seen and talked to have been very nice."
"It's fine, you could live it. In the middle of all interesting places, close to Downtown and Uptown but out of traffic. Modern, clean, new and cool."
"I LOVE my beautiful apartment unit and living here. The staff really care about their residents and the amenities are fantastic! The only downsides are the unresponsible dog owners and the community's safety."
"Great place to live. The location is quiet but still close enough to everything. The fixtures in the apartment are very nice. All of the amenities are nice too"
"I’ve only lived here a month so far but truly have no complaints! There is always available parking in the garage, the staff is very friendly and helpful, amenities are great and there are always cute dogs walking around the property!"
"The community here is amazing. Everyone in the leasing office is very friendly and helpful, they have a lot of giveaways and events which is really nice and they always strive to create a fun environment! It’s a great reason to live here and it keeps all of the residents in a good mood!"
"Hands down the BEST living experience I’ve had at an apartment complex. Staff is amazing amenities are awesome. You can’t hear anything from inside of your apartment! I seriously love it. So close to uptown and downtown dallas! I’ll recommend it to anyone!"
"I love the apartment. We just moved in and it has been a great experience thus far. I’d reccomend anyone to live here. The staff is great and the amenities are competitive with any place in Dallas. It’s also much more quiet being just outside of the downtown part of the city, but still have hw uptown feel."
"It is a great place to live! Nice location and great amenities. The staff is very friendly and helpful whenever i need anything or have any questions."
"Everyone in the office have always been very professional and helpful. We enjoy all the amenities that is offered and the community events! Very pleased 😀"
"Place is very nice. Haven't had any conficts with anything. They host many events that are unique, fun, and free. The leasing office employees are kind and approachable if there are any issues"
"I’m in love with this community!! I searched 12 others before finding this gem of a property! The staff is super nice and very tentative to their tenants needs. They’re also extremely animal friendly! I’m stayin here as long as I can!"
"I just moved in and I love living here! Great amenities for the price. If you are looking for a dog friendly community you have found your home."
"After a year of living here I can honestly say this is a great place. The location and amenities are the best and communication from the staff is much better"
"The community atmosphere is great! I have yet to have a negative experience with the community. Compared to my previous experiences with apartment complexes, the Alexan Riveredge blows them away."
"Wonderful experience and a wonderful staff, they truely showed genuine customer service! If you are wanting quality for a great price these are the people to go with thanks again guys"
"The staff here is great and they are really on top of things if you need anything. The residents that live here are very nice as well. They are also very quick on any maintenance requests."
"Great community dog friendly. A lot of diversity which I love! Something is always taking place so we can get to know our neighbors. Shannon is absolutely amazing along with Chris. Which is why I’m renewing my lease!!"
"The staff and people I've met so far are so lovely! The residence is great about planning events for people to meet and socialize. My only complaint is about noise in the hallway and from neighbors, but I realize that in a large complex such as this that's going to happen. I absolutely adore my little studio though <3"
"5 months in and now the pool is inviting. Still loving this complex and the surroundings. The staff are great and it’s wonderful to have Chris back! I look forward to the sky lounge parties too!"
"Application process and move in was great. They installed loud, we can hear every time someone leaves from our bedroom, exit spikes to prevent people from coming in when people exit but the entrance gate stays open way too long after entering it was kind of a moot point."
"I have had such a wonderful experience at Alexan Riveredge so far! I love how they post events throughout each week. Like donuts in the morning, and hot dogs from the grill. Aside from that, the apartment staff is super friendly and welcoming. I love it!"
"So I have moved around a lot since I moved to Dallas 12 years ago. This is the first place where I wanted and have renewed my lease. This is a great place to live. I feel safe, I actually hang out with my neighbors, and believe this is a real close community. Count me in for another year."
"My experience has been amazing! Every person I’ve encountered has been nothing but nice especially Patricia!! She’s hands down amazing. I’m excited to live here. :)"
"I am going on my second year, love it here. The place is quite, clean and the events are plentiful. I like the proximity to the train and downtown."
"Everything was great and super fast. Duranda helped me with everything she was the sweetest! Also very helpful with everything. So far everything is great!"
"Just moved into Alexan Riveredge last week and so far the experience has been very good. The amenities have been nice and the management team very helpfull"
"Great apartment complex, very clean and great amenities. Managed very well and they host great events for residents. Really feels like a community."
"I’ve been here for about 3 months. I love it. The rooftop lounge has been closed for over a month, that’s the only negative thing. Oh and the garage door breaks often. But management is on top of everything :)"
"Had a great time touring this complex. The staff was very nice and accommodating. The apartment we wanted was not available but became available later in the week and they quickly notified us."
"AWESOME COMMUNITY, GREAT STAFF, BEAUTIFUL FLOORPLANS.. Move in was super easy and went smooth! Love the interaction the staff has with the residents!"
"Updated Review: With the new staff, Jeffery and Caleb, this community has done a complete 180! My family feels safer with the new security measures and we actually feel like I concerns are taken seriously and the staff genuinely cares about the residents and not their CHECKS. I can't say enough positive things with the new changes to staff, but I hope they are here to STAY!"
"Love the community feel, vibe, and office staff! It's a great place to live. I would definitely recommend the property to all of my friends and family!"
"I have had nothing but great experiences living here! Maintenance always fixes things within a reasonable time. The front office staff is always very friendly and helpful. It's such a nice turn-around from when we first moved in. They actually care about this being our home- they want it to be as comfortable as possible in every aspect!"
"So far everything is going great. I’ve not been there long enough to give an opinion; but other than that, since my time being there my experience been good. I have nothing negative to speak on it. Everyone was very professional and welcoming."
"Been living at Alexan for 6 months. Skyline lounge has been closed for a couple months now. Garage gates are constantly having issues. Residents drive thru the parking lot as if they are on the highway. I have on several occasions have been close to being hit. When staff send out emails, be prepared to receive 10 more with correction errors."
"Living in Alexan Riveredge is like living in a luxurious dream. You have everything you want and need from a community residency from a pool to grills to a gym to dog parks to a sky deck.... what more could you ask for? I have loved living here and can’t see myself living elsewhere!"
"When I first moved into Alexan Riveredge, like most I would have rated it a 4/5. It was a quite, orderly community with what was perceived as nice quality apartments and lots of fun resident events. With changes, such as an increase in occupancy, management of the space has gone down in quality. It has become louder, which drew attention to the horrible infrastructure of the apartments as they allow for all outside sound to be let in. New management came in and did a good job cleaning up all the litter that was being left around, but I do find that old management’s community events were of better quality. The Sky lounge has been closed for months, and the coffee machine on the first floor no longer makes amazing lattes - two of my favorite factors when choosing to live here."
"Love my new place! The kitchen has great appliances. The floors are a super nice dark wood laminate. I loved the curved shower rod and all of the amenities!"
"I love this propertty , the office staff is great , the property is always so clean and the view fro.m the sky deck is amaxing. And the amenities are the best"
"I am looking forward to moving in, in May and have had a great experience getting registered and signed up for the apartment. The tour was great led by Caleb."
"Loving this kitchen, pool, clubhouse, zen garden... just miss the rooftop!! The management team is always super courteous and professional. Constant construction and warehouse trucks loud at 3am is by far the worst part so far, but hoping that’s less of a problem soon. Ha. Ha."
"Super friendly community and very responsive management staff! We were having issues with our fob and toll tag but they fixed both within minutes, which is such a nice change of pace from our last apartment! I would definitely recommend leasing here!"
"I’ve been here two years and I love it. I have a beautiful view of oak cliff from my apartment. Management is always nice, maintenance has been okay."
"The property is well kept and the staff is always friendly and accommodating. The living experience here has been absolutely wonderful, I couldn’t dream of living in any other area in dallas."
"It was not as bad as I thought it would be. But I’m not to happy with my apartment. There is blue stsins and black stains on my white granite and management dose not care. The apartment ate okay."
"I have an excellent experience in alexan Riveredge. Staff is nice, like a family, neighborhood is really nice, clean and trendy. It's close to all nice places to have fun."
"Everything has been pretty great for the first year we lived here, we've had a few issues since we started trying to renew our lease but hopefully it's just the new team's transition."
"From the moment I stepped into the leasing office, I fell in love with the Alexan Riveredge. It’s been almost 3 weeks & I absolutely love it"
"absolutely love this property! move in was awesome and the staff are so so friendly and accommodating! I looked at a lot of properties and i made a great choice with Alexan Riveredge!"
"They make the move easy. They offer a lot of great specials. Just be sure to lock your car up tight because we had a lot of car break ends last year. They got more security to stop the problem."
"UPDATE: We have been living here for 7 months now, and we are feeling pretty disappointed by the new management and the community's crime. Our car was STOLEN from the apartment garage this past Monday, and management treated the situation like some kind of joke and lied to us saying that this was the first time a car has been stolen from the garage. The garage gate has been broken this whole week, and seems like management is in no rush fixing the ONE gate. All of the residents that I have met on this property had some issue with property theft or car break-ins or BOTH! I would NOT recommend this place to anyone who is willing to pay this much for this complex."
"Great community and wonderful staff. They put on a good amount of events to reward and have us get to know each other. The maintenance staff are quick too."
"Process was long but it was disclaimed prior to. Staff very friendly. They are motivated to expedite the process when if its something they can facilitate based on where you are at in the process."
"Some negatives - dogs bark a lot and can hear them through doors and in the hall. The heater is pretty loud and thermostat doesn't seem to be accurate. Pretty much everything else is good though."
"I really do enjoy living here, however the management hasn't been easy to work with.... I like the actual facility though. It seems like my emails to management seem to always get lost..i.e. my renters insurance."
"I just moved to Alexan Riveredge and it's great apartment complex. Brand new building with great amenities and the staff are very helpful!!!"
"I couldn’t ask for a better property!!! The amenities/pet amenities are great! They run some amazing move in specials that can’t compare to others!"
"So far has been great! I love the apartment complex, it’s location and amenities. Caleb was a big help with getting me moved in and assisted"
"The units are very nice but the community is not the cleanest nor very tenative when needs are urgent. New management can be very cut and dry and not very understanding."
"Very nice apartments. Only been here for about a month & my fiance & I are loving it so far! The amenities are really what drove us here... The sky lounge is awesome!"
"Magnament is very nice and helpful. Helped me with everything I asked and needed. The apartment is wonderful clean. What more can anyone ask for."
"Alexan Riveredge has Been my favorite place to live! The amenities and staff are amazing and they have helped me though everything. You can’t beat the location either"
"I have buyer's remorse after living in this apartment for a month. The noise level is unacceptable, apartments are not properly insulated. The community is not secure and I do not feel 100% safe at all times."
"I love love love my apartment: high ceilings and modern layout/appliances. And so close to downtown Dallas. The rooftop patio has a truly stunning view."
"So far so good .. 2 months now and enjoying this community very much. Not the best attendance for the events which is a shame & not sure how we can get better attendance? I would love to meet a few more neighbours! Amenities are fab and can’t wait to use the pool!"
"GREAT location, very nice unit, GREAT staff! My only complaint has been the constant construction noise right outside my window for almost an entire year. I had to learn to sleep with earplugs most nights."
"Phenomenal amenities. Great service from staff and quick response. Move in was a breeze. Small complaint about the thin walls. Security is yet to be seen."
"I absolutely love living here at Alexan Riveredge. The staff is very friendly and welcoming and residents are as well. Anytime I need to request for maintenance they are quick to getting whatever it is resolved. The location is also perfect; it takes less than 10 minutes to get to downtown. Overall, I am beyond satisfied with Alexan Riveredge and glad I made the choice to live here!"
"The staff has been very helpful and the apartment has had minor issues. However, the parking situation and the slow implementation of the garage tags was a concern."
"So far it’s been great! My only real issue is the garage entrance. Because of my car’s windshield, the toll tag blocks it from the sensor, so I have park my car, get out, and wave it around like a crazy lady in order to get into the garage. Very frustrating, but overall so far so good."
"I love staying here.. Absolutely love it :) Its in a ducked off location which is a plus.. Staff is very friendly & professional, especially Chris.. I loved Ryan, even though he is gone :( Only complaint I have is thin walls other than that the view is beautiful, you are close to everything.. Luxury at its finest.."
"Really enjoy living here at Alexan Riveredge! Nice community with nice / new amenities. Staff has always been very helpful. Great location in the Dallas Design District"
"The apartments are nice as we moved into a brand new unit that had never been used. We have been here since July 2017 and were so excited to have more space for a cheaper price compared to our previous uptown apartment. My husband and I have enjoyed living here but there are growing security concerns with these apartments. Our first week being moved in, our bikes were stolen, while mine was found my husbands was not. There have been several car break ins as well as car vandalism. Just a few weeks ago I was home alone while my husband was out of town and someone tried to break into our apartment. When we reported it to the front office we were told that they would check the security cameras (of which there are only cameras on the first floor and the garage) and get back to us. Of course no one ever followed up with us. While we love our apartment and the amenities and community events are great, security is a large issue."
"Unfortunately my heat wasn't working in my apartment but as soon as I made them aware of the problem, they had an a/c repairman out within an hour."
"The best community I’ve ever lived in.. my neighbors are amazing and the staff are great as well... looking to upgrade to something else very soon"
"Everyone is awesome love the staff so welcoming into my first apartment on my own. The gym is my favorite part of the amenity as well as the pool I just wish it was a larger area."
"No complaints so far. Will definitely recommend someone to come stay here. Amenities are exceptional, as well as the hospitality. I have been staying here a month so far."
"So far so good! Front office staff has been so kind and attentive. Everyone I’ve met in the resident areas has been friendly. Parking is a bit tight in the garage but do-able."
"I've enjoyed living at the Alexan Riveredge. I moved in within the last 4 months and have been impressed with the friendliness and responsiveness of the management team. There have been a few issues thus far with package deliveries, but I believe management is continuing to work through them and I don't foresee this being a long term issue. Overall I've been very pleased."
"This has been my very first apartment and I really love it so far. Staff is super friendly and neighbors and polite. I also enjoy the convenience of the area. I do wish we had security on the property late at night."
"The Alexan Riveredge has been the best location I have ever stayed. I love the community and the staff. I am working on others to move here."
"The apartment is fantastic and the location couldn't be better. My only complaint is the amount of people who refuse to clean up after their dogs. It's disgusting and really ruins my experience when trying to walk and exercise my dogs."
"Love my new home! The staff from the leasing office are always helpful! It’s quiet, clean, and I love the amenities this property offers!!!!"
"Nice place, dog pee all over, elevator, sidewalks, hall. No guest parking on weekends. Staff are fantastic and perfect location. Lots of activities. Basement garage is extremely dirty with gray concrete dust, get on car, in car track into building and all over, makes it hard to breath if cars moving around"
"I am going on year 2 and I absolutely love this place! The staff is caring, friendly, and attentive! After having an unplanned surgery, the staff sent me a get well gift and any support they could offer!"
"I'm really happy here. Good place, nice neighbors and awesome staff. The place is clean, secure, modern and in a good area close to all fancy places and main streets."
"I've only lived here a week so far, but am already very happy with the community. Move-in was easy, the staff is great, and I love my new apartment."
"Living at Alexan Riveredge has been great. The staff is friendly, if I have any maintenance requests they are completed promptly, the location is great!"
"I enjoy living at Alexan Riveredge. The location is great and the amenities provided, such as the complimentary coffee bar’s, are appreciated."
"Overall it is a good apartment, but there are some issues which are frustrating too. I guess this happens with any apartment, but I still would have preferred to have them resolved. For example, I have two wireless speakers in my apartment for 8 months - which I was told that I will be given an instruction manual for. I still haven't gotten it. The office staff are great though!"
"Living here has been great. I love how dog friendly it is! I've made so many friends just by hanging out at the dog park. Also it's in a great location!"
"So far I love the complex and the amenities. The area is also up and coming and quiet without lots of people or cars around. I appreciate the closeness to the city but the exclusive aloof area."
"This community is phenomenal. It's close to work, maintenence request are always done asap, the staff is nice and helpful and everything ALWAYS works. The community manager is on top of things 24/7."
"Fantastic amenities and staff. Apt community is kept well-cleaned. On the flip side, our experiences with neighbors are not great as they are loud and rude. Also, way too many car burglaries in the garage. There needs to be tighter security."
"The stairwells should be cleaned on a monthly basis. It appears that thr stair well breezeways have never been cleaned for at least 6 months. There should be more cameras and police on the community to prevent crime"
"Alexan Riveredge is perfectly located in the heart of Dallas with easy access to shopping and dining. The amenities and perfect view of the famous Dallas Skyline is what makes this place great. With it being a new property, it comes with a few glitches, but none the less are great place to live."
"Great location that is out of the way of traffic. Also the staff is great here, always so extremely helpful. The only part of this that could improve is the price! It’s a little expensive"
"There have been several break ins in our gated garage and the walls are pretty thin. The apt itself is beautiful and the events are great. There are several different activities each month, so you can meet new people. All in all its an ok complex."
"The crime in and around the parking garage isn’t really being handled. The garage is always full of cars without parking passes so it’s often hard to find a spot since the towing company that was supposedly hired to patrol the garage has never been here. Other than that it’s a nice building with friendly and helpful management. Tons of dog owners which is a plus."
"Apartment community is ok. Don't feel that safe- wish there were certain pieces of information told to me before moving in here such as the type of community it was and certain criteria this zip code has to follow."
"We love living at the Alexan Riveredge! The staff is so sweet and helpful, the amenities are great, and it really feels like home! Resident activities every week are so fun and well planned!"
"I moved in to Alexan Riverridge about 4 months ago. The best part so far has been the Resident Lounges. The worst is that it's a Section 8 complex."
"Property is stunning and my unit is top of the line! Location is good not great. Courtney is thr best thing about the office, but none really show concern for the residents if it doesn't effect their money. However, that's where my good stops. It is not safe as we've had 10+ car break ins amongst other incidents since I've moved in August."
"So far it’s been great! The apartment is awesome, the amenities are great, and the staff has been super helpful. They are quick to respond to concerns and questions"
"The apartments are great but the staff are even better. They went above and beyond for my husband and I when we were getting moved in. They are always friendly and remember you by name. Hands down the best apartment staff of any apartment I have ever lived in."
"The application was easy and the office was awesome throughout the leasing process. I would recommend this community to any person looking to live to live in an awesome community."
"Love this place and the views of the city are fabulous. The thing i dislike (which is every apartment that i have ever lived in) is the noise from the neighbors. With the hardwood floors the noise from above is very loud."
"I love my apartment unit and the amazing staff here at Alexan Riveredge! I feel completely spoiled here with my apartment amentities and the amount of care from the leasing staff. My only complaints are the amount of car break-ins and theft in the area."
"Alexan Riveredge has been great so far and has pretty much everything I need. The apartments are very clean and there are so many amenities and community activities to participate in ever month. Love this place!"
"have issues with neighbors loud music, dog feces is never picked up by owners and left in dog park and in grass around apartment - and weirdly rent isn't consistent online, have to calculate ourselves and submit and sometimes there are errors which the office personal don't know how to explain - otherwise beautiful community"
"Love the area, the apartments and all the amenities. The staff in the leasing office are very helpful. Residents are very friendly as well."
"I have enjoyed the community thus far. A few hiccups along the way. The application process was a little more complex then what i believe it should be, Security is now a big deal. There has been a lot of criminal activity that has affected my trust in the community. Other then that i truly enjoy the Alexan Riveredge."
"I've lived here for about 2 weeks now. The apt community is very clean and mostly quiet (except for the construction noise going on during the work day nearby, maybe a restaurant being built?). The finishes are really nice and I love the partial downtown view from my unit. I HATE that the event center across the street takes up a lot of the visitor spaces during the weekend."
"Alexan Riveredge has been beyond helpful throughout the moving process! Everyone is so nice and always willing to be accommodating with any problems or issues that arise. We love living here!"
"I've only just moved in, but so far everyone I've come across has been very friendly! The staff are great too, and will always go above and beyond to help you out."
"So far, so good! Love the location & great staff. My only complaint is the constant construction noise from the pipeline project that's underway... right across the street from my unit. Also, do we really have to have the lawn guys in so early? I often work late, so being startled awake by a gas-powered leaf blower at 7-7:30 am is a real drag!"
"The apartments are clean new and modern. Helpful and friendly staff as well. They host tons of resident events it's really a joy living here."
"First time here. Will need more time to leave an accurate review. I will start you off with 5 stars. Depending on my experience you will either stay at 5 stars or not."
"Love my place... awesome community, nice facilities, easy access to downtown, best leasing team ever... just the best. Love all activities for the community."
"Great really good people, Great place to be.. really nice Managment. Idk what else to say but this is kinda cool to be able to get points and stuff just to fill some stuff out."
"The staff is very friendly! The apartments have great appliances and love the kitchens. There is always something going on with events both on and off property!"
"Amazing love all the ammedenties, staff is awesome I've been here since January and love it! I can't wait to see what all do with the new patio!"
"Fantastic apartment complex. Everything is kept super clean and everyone on staff is unbelievably friendly. My dog loves the dog run and I love the rooftop view."
"I love Alexan Riveredge! The apartments are brand new and are the nicest ones we have lived in! There are some growing pains as some of the construction is not done so living on the backside of the building can be louder at times. The hallways are also a little noisy as there is nothing on the floor to dampen the noise. Overall, I have enjoyed my stay so far and appreciate the effort the building management puts forth to make us feel like a part of the community. Loving those monthly breakfasts!!!"
"The community has amazing amenities and a first rate staff! This is the best apartment living we've experienced in Dallas. Management is super nice"
"I think that Alexan RiverEdge has been a great community so far and we've both really enjoyed our time here. we've already talked about renewing a lease here after this first year"
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